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Vector Control Management System FAQ
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Support for versioning Support for geodatabase replication Platform for ArcGIS Server What is enterprise software? ‘Enterprise software’ has become an industry buzzword that admittedly has many definitions.  In one sense, it refers to software used in organizations as opposed to retail software used by individuals.  Many definitions of enterprise software incorporate the idea that the software includes function-specific and industry-specific solutions.  In the context of Esri GIS technology, ‘enterprise’ is often discussed in the following contexts: Server-based as opposed to desktop-centric Multi-user organization-wide databases as opposed to personal databases Technology platform that provides support for interaction from a variety of clients, including desktop users, GIS viewers, Web applications and mobile applications Enterprise GIS is discussed in some detail on Esri’s Website at In the context of VCMS and Sentinel GIS, VCMS is an enterprise system, and Sentinel GIS is a desktop system.  Sentinel GIS will continue to be enhanced as outlined above, but the next generation software family will incorporate the best of both systems into an enterprise offering. Will Sentinel GIS be compatible with the Clarke SmartFlow? Yes, Sentinel Adulticiding will be compatible with Clarke SmartFlow systems.  Development is under way and release is scheduled for Spring 2011.  Adulticiding mobile will be able to collect data directly from a SmartFlow sprayer for inclusion in the Sentinel GIS geodatabase.  There are no plans to make DataMaster compatible with Sentinel GIS desktop. Adulticiding is already compatible with Curtis Dyna-Fog, London Fogger, and B&G Phoenix sprayers with GPS control boxes. Sales and Marketing Will Sentinel GIS continue to be sold? Yes.  Sentinel GIS in its current form will continue to be sold.  There is no plan to discontinue Sentinel GIS software. What technology is Sentinel GIS based on? Sentinel GIS software consists of three basic components: desktop software for program configuration, editing, map-making, and reporting; desktop software for managing data synchronization; and mobile software for data entry and map interaction. Mobile components are based on Esri ArcPad mobile GIS software.  More information about ArcPad can be found on Esri’s Website at .
Desktop components for configuration, editing, map-making and reporting are based on Esri ArcGIS Desktop software.  More information about ArcGIS Desktop can be found on Esri’s Website at DataLink GIS, an Electronic Data Solutions software product, manages data synchronization.  It is a C#/.NET application. How much do I need to know about Esri software to be effective with Sentinel GIS? If you are a mobile user, you will not need to know much of anything about Esri ArcPad software.  The main learning curves are: Interacting with a mobile device with a touch screen for data entry, including the on-screen virtual keyboard Becoming familiar with the toolbars and buttons Interacting with a map All aspects of mobile program operation and data collection are covered in printed documentation, video tutorials, Webinar-style orientations, or on- site training classes. If you are a desktop user (supervisor, administrator), you will need to know some ArcGIS Desktop basics, but you do not have to be an expert or even intermediate user.  A beginning user will know all they need to know about ArcGIS Desktop to get by with Sentinel GIS: Basic map creation, including adding layers, changing symbology, setting labels, turning on display scales, and hiding fields Basic editing, including drawing in new features, deleting features, and modifying existing feature geometry or attributes Introductory training for ArcGIS Desktop is available from Esri in several formats, including in-person instruction at Esri facilities, virtual classroom instruction from live instructors, online self-paced training (some of which is completely free), and extensive tutorial and on-line help information. Are Sentinel Reports Compatible with State Reporting Requirements? Sentinel GIS records and reports on typical information required by various regulatory agencies, including total area treated, total product usage, treatment locations, etc.  Each Sentinel module (Adulticiding, Larviciding, Surveillance) includes a variety of out of the box report templates.  Each report template supports extensive  input options so report data content can be customized, and reports can be exported or printed to many formats. That said, Sentinel GIS reports have not been designed with any particular State agency in mind.  If the data presented on a report does not satisfy a particular requirement, we are interested in knowing about it so that our reporting capabilities can be enhanced.
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