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Vector Control Management System FAQ
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Per-Handheld Support New Equipment Bundle Support -- $295 per year. Quantity discounts: Qty. 10-24 - 15% Qty. 25-49 - 20% Qty. 50+ - 25% Equipment Bundle Support Renewal -- $195 per year, or $295 for 3 years. 1 Year plan provides: • Unlimited access for 1 year for any user of a single system • High priority support • 5-day turnaround time on hardware repairs guaranteed (for Trimble MGIS equipment) • Volume discounts for larger equipment fleets • Renewal discounts What are the annual costs associated with Sentinel GIS? As a complete system, Sentinel GIS has the following annual costs: Per-Handheld support: $195 per year renewal – this provides unlimited technical support from Electronic Data Solutions for the entire Sentinel GIS system, including mobile devices, Sentinel GIS, ArcGIS Desktop, ArcPad, and DataLink GIS.  It also provides software bug fixes and minor enhancement updates. Esri software maintenance: $300-400 per desktop ArcView license, $250 per mobile ArcPad license.  Esri software maintenance is optional, but recommended for desktop licenses.  ArcPad licenses may not need to be maintained because Sentinel GIS supports older versions of ArcPad (currently 7.1.1, 8.0 SP4, and 10.0).  Esri maintenance provides for technical support from Esri, and for software updates.  Hardware warranty extensions (optional): varies by equipment manufacturer.  Trimble and Juniper Systems both offer hardware warranty extensions for a number of years, to extend the 1-year hardware warranty included with the product. Module upgrades: varies from $500 - $1500 per module.  Since Sentinel GIS development began years ago, only one new version (Larviciding v2.0) has been made available as a paid upgrade; all others have been included as free updates for existing customers. Product Roadmap and Software Enhancements Will Sentinel GIS continue to be developed and enhanced? Yes.  Sentinel GIS will continue to be enhanced with significant new functionality planned for 2011-2012, including: Adulticiding support for Clarke SmartFlow Adulticiding support for New Mountain NM150 Ultrasonic Weather Sensor Support for Esri SDE multi-user geodatabase (in addition to currently supported file and personal geodatabase)
o Support for SQL Server, Oracle, and other enterprise RDBMS o Support for multiple editors o Support for versioning   o Support for geodatabase replication o Platform for ArcGIS Server DataLink GIS support for memory card devices in addition to Windows Mobile devices Sentinel GIS mobile support for Windows platforms in addition to Windows Mobile Centralized settings control Centralized logging Windows 7 64-bit compatibility What is the product roadmap for Sentinel GIS? Sentinel GIS will continue to be enhanced with significant new functionality planned for 2011-2012.  Some of these enhancements are detailed above. In addition, new enterprise-specific software offerings will be made available that will supplement the current and future Sentinel GIS software offerings.  These will include VCMS Software Conversion and Migration Services and a next generation software offering that will replace VCMS. How does the VCMS purchase impact Sentinel GIS development and enhancement? Sentinel GIS software development and enhancement will continue as planned.  Additionally, VCMS software features that may currently be missing from Sentinel GIS will make their way into Sentinel GIS or into the next generation software offering. Will VCMS and Sentinel GIS become one product? No.  VCMS and Sentinel GIS are built on entirely different architectures, although the data collected is quite similar in many cases.  There is no plan to literally merge the products and make them work together as a cohesive systems.  Rather, the best features from each will be preserved and incorporated into future versions of Sentinel GIS and into the next generation software offering. Can Sentinel GIS be used in an enterprise environment? Yes.  Sentinel GIS will be compatible with Esri SDE multi-user geodatabases in 2011.  This provides the basis for many enterprise needs, including: Support for SQL Server, Oracle, and other enterprise RDBMS Support for multiple editors
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