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Vector Control Management System FAQ
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of interest to some users.  A large body of knowledge is accessible through and Esri Training, and Esri Support is available to all ArcGIS users with current software maintenance. Printed and digital Quick Start Guides for Sentinel GIS are available, as are Quick Reference Guides that explain what every tool and button are.  Video tutorials, Webinar-style orientations and on-site training options are also available.  These provide an orientation to field collection that can get most mobile users up and running in a couple of hours at most. If I convert to Sentinel GIS, what are the Esri licensing costs? Esri ArcPad is licensed on a per-handheld basis.  ArcGIS Desktop is licensed on a per-PC user basis.  In both cases, a one-time software license purchase is necessary.  A new software license purchase includes one year of software maintenance, which entitles the user to software updates and technical support for ArcGIS Desktop and ArcPad from Esri. Software maintenance can be renewed annually for ArcGIS Desktop and ArcPad.  This entitles the user to ongoing software updates and technical support from Esri.  Staying current on maintenance is always recommended for ArcGIS Desktop, but is not always recommended for ArcPad software. Example Esri software license costs (quantity discounts are available): ArcGIS Desktop ArcView single-use license: ArcGIS Desktop is also available at an ArcEditor and ArcInfo license level.  These license levels contain more tools and features but are not required for Sentinel GIS.  $1,500 ArcPad license: $700 Example Esri software maintenance costs: ArcGIS Desktop ArcView annual maintenance: $400 for primary license, $300 for secondary licenses (every 10 desktop licenses will have one primary and nine secondary) ArcPad annual maintenance: $250 Sales and Marketing Will VCMS continue to be sold? Yes, VCMS will continue to be available during the 2011 field season.  Current VCMS users will still be able to purchase additional software licenses, replacement hardware, and technical support.  A new generation of software solutions for mosquito and pest control is being developed during 2011-2012, and is projected for introduction during 2012.  What are the differences between Sentinel GIS and VCMS? VCMS software has traditionally been offered as a medium- to large- enterprise solution (20 – 100 users) for managing vector control data collection and reporting requirements.  Multiple users can access and edit the database and synchronize data from mobile devices simultaneously.  VCMS software supports all aspects of vector control data collection and management.  Additionally, feature-rich querying and reporting capabilities in VCMS support meaningful analysis and regulatory compliance.  However, VCMS offers limited GPS and GIS functionality, and contains more features than some users may need or use. Sentinel GIS has traditionally been offered as a modularized solution for managing vector control data collection and reporting  1. ArcGIS Desktop is also available at an ArcEditor and ArcInfo license level.  These license levels contain more tools and features but are not required for Sentinel GIS.
requirements.  Sentinel GIS is built directly on Esri desktop and mobile GIS software architecture, and therefore directly leverages the strengths of GPS and mobile GIS for field data collection.  Sentinel GIS has typically appealed to small- to medium-sized operations (1-30 users), and has often been categorized as a desktop solution with mobile data collection as opposed to a large enterprise solution.  Sentinel GIS continues to be enhanced to add enterprise capabilities, such as SDE (multi-user Esri geodatabase).  The Sentinel GIS product roadmap is discussed later in this document. The following is an at-a-glance comparison of high-level product positioning: What is Clarke’s role with VCMS and Sentinel GIS moving forward? Clarke will be Electronic Data Solutions’ exclusive sales channel for existing VCMS software solutions.  Organizations that are interested in VCMS will continue to work with Clarke during the purchase process. Future enterprise-specific solutions will also be available exclusively through Clarke.  These solutions will be developed during 2011 and 2012.  Clarke will also offer current Sentinel GIS software solutions on a non- exclusive basis as part of a network of Sentinel GIS distributors that bridges brands. Sentinel GIS Technical Support and Maintenance Will technical support still be available for Sentinel GIS? Yes.  Technical support for Sentinel GIS can still be obtained from Electronic Data Solutions as in the past. Is Sentinel GIS technical support free? 90 days technical support is included in the cost of software purchase.  Thereafter, annual paid support contracts are available to fit your needs. 
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