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Vector Control Management System FAQ
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What mobile devices can I use VCMS with? VCMS can work with any Windows CE .NET 4.2 or Windows Mobile 5 or 6 device that can have the Java virtual machine (SuperWaba) installed.  Many VCMS users are familiar with iPAQ or Intermec devices.  VCMS can also be used with Trimble GPS devices such as Juno SB/SC, Nomad, and GeoExplorer; and Juniper Systems devices such as Archer or Mesa.  Trimble and Juniper Systems devices are built for the field, have integrated GPS receivers, and some are highly rugged (IP67, waterproof and dustproof) or highly accurate (such as the GeoExplorer XH).  Trimble GPS devices are fully supported and serviceable by Electronic Data Solutions’ Service center.  Juniper Systems field devices are also fully supported and serviceable by Juniper Systems. mVCMS can also be used with Windows 7 tablets or laptops using the mVCMS Emulator.  An additional $100 per device license fee is required to use the emulator.  Please contact Electronic Data Solutions support for more information. Can I replace my iPAQs or Intermecs with other mobile devices? Yes.  The Trimble Juno SB/SC device is a similar form factor, but has integrated GPS.  The Trimble Nomad and Juniper Archer are rugged field devices, fully waterproof, with integrated GPS and the same size screen.  The Juniper Mesa is a rugged field device with a much larger touch screen. You do not have to convert to Sentinel GIS to use Trimble or Juniper Systems hardware. Can I still get replacement accessories for my existing mobile hardware? Yes, in most cases.  Replacement accessories will be available through Electronic Data Solutions whenever possible, although many accessories may be available from third-party suppliers. Can I still get replacement iPAQ or Intermec mobile devices? Yes, in most cases.  Discontinued models may not be available, but whenever possible replacement devices will be available through Electronic Data Solutions. Will trade-in options be available for my current mobile devices? Yes.  Hardware trade-in options are available Towards selected Trimble GPS devices. What advantages are there to using Trimble or Juniper Systems mobile devices? There are several advantages to using Trimble or Juniper Systems mobile devices: Ruggedness – waterproof, dustproof, rated for heat and cold Integrated GPS – no separate Bluetooth GPS Newer Windows Mobile operating system (6.1 or 6.5) 1 year hardware warranty with extended warranties available Fast warranty or repair service if repairs are ever needed Fully supported by Electronic Data Solutions’ award-winning service and support team
If I convert to Sentinel GIS, can I use my existing mobile devices? That depends.  Mobile devices must meet Sentinel GIS specifications, outlined below: Must be able to run Esri ArcPad software.  ArcPad software requirements are listed here: s.html Must be one of the following operating systems: o Windows Mobile 5.0 o Windows Mobile 6.0 o Windows Mobile 6.1 o Windows Mobile 6.5 This means that if you are running iPAQs or Dell Axims, they probably can be used.  If you are running Intermec devices, they cannot be used. To be fully supported with Sentinel GIS, any existing hardware would have to be tested and certified by Electronic Data Solutions support. If I purchased VCMS but am not using it, do I need to do anything? No.  Conversion and hardware trade-in options will be available during 2011 and 2012. If I convert to Sentinel GIS, what is the learning curve? Data entry on the mobile device is very simple and repetitive, so the learning curve tends to be easy to moderate.  If users have never used a mobile device with a touch screen before, there is a short learning curve there.  However, VCMS users have used mobile devices with touch screens, and Sentinel GIS mobile data entry is very similar. Sentinel GIS is map-centric, meaning that a fully interactive map is available at all times on the mobile devices.  Learning to interact with the map and with ArcPad tools may present a learning curve, but map interaction may be more intuitive for many users.  Sentinel tools are built on Esri ArcPad mobile GIS software, which consists of toolbars with toolbar icons rather than menu options.  Learning what the tools are and what the toolbar icons represent presents a bit of a learning curve. Desktop tools are built on ArcGIS Desktop, where users create maps for the mobile devices, set configuration options, edit data, and run reports.  Learning to interact with ArcGIS Desktop software at the level required for productive Sentinel GIS use presents a moderate learning curve.  Users will create maps and interact with and edit map data.  This requires a basic knowledge of ArcGIS Desktop, which can be obtained through free online or printed tutorials, and through Sentinel GIS orientation documentation.  In other words, everything you need to know to get started with ArcGIS Desktop and Sentinel GIS is contained in the Sentinel GIS documentation. ArcGIS Desktop has many other cartographic and analysis features that are not required for Sentinel GIS use, but may be
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