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Vector Control Management System FAQ
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If I do not have current VCMS USP, should I renew it? No.  As outlined above, if users have current USP, they will receive credit toward paid support options and discounts on future software offerings.  However, if users do not have current USP for VCMS, there is no reason to purchase USP, unless they wish to update to the latest version of VCMS and continue using it.  Sentinel GIS and next generation software solutions will have software maintenance and support options available for purchase, similar to VCMS USP. Can I update to the latest version of VCMS? Yes.  Before doing so, users may wish to consider what changes or improvements have been made in newer versions and decide whether the update is a worthwhile investment.  Updating to the latest version of VCMS would require purchasing USP, and may require purchasing data migration and installation services depending on how old the database schema is.  This is one of the few scenarios where purchasing USP may make sense. If the VCMS database schema is newer, updating the VCMS software would only require purchasing USP and tech support, and optionally could include on-site implementation and training. If the VCMS database schema is older, updating the VCMS software would require purchasing USP, tech support, and data migration services to move historical data from the old database schema to the new one, and optionally could include on-site implementation and training. If it is not necessary to move historical data into the new database, data migration services would not have to be purchased. What is the product roadmap for VCMS? VCMS will continue to be available in its present form into 2012.  It will not be enhanced with additional functionality.  It will eventually be discontinued, but we project having technical support available for VCMS during 2011 and 2012, and for several years after the introduction of a new generation of software solutions. Sentinel GIS software will continue to be enhanced with additional functionality, including support for enterprise requirements such as multi-user geodatabases and support for Windows tablets in addition to Windows Mobile devices.  Sentinel GIS in its current and future form may be considered a complementary solution to VCMS in the short term, and a viable replacement for some VCMS users but not others in the long term. Future software solutions are being developed during 2011-2012 that will replace VCMS.  This next generation family of products does not yet have a trade name.  This family of products will incorporate the strengths of Sentinel GIS and VCMS.
Conversion and Migration Can VCMS be converted or migrated to Sentinel GIS? Yes, a VCMS conversion and migration path to Sentinel GIS will be available beginning Summer 2011.  Current VCMS customers will be able to convert their VCMS data for use in Sentinel GIS, possibly leverage existing mobile devices that are currently used with VCMS, and begin using Sentinel GIS. What is the VCMS Conversion Software & Migration Service? The VCMS Conversion Software & Migration Service is a bundle of software and services designed to migrate data from a VCMS database to an Esri geodatabase for use with Sentinel GIS software, and assist with moving data collection operations to Sentinel GIS software.Software components may include conversion utilities that are installed on a user’s computer.  Services may include data conversion, database conversion, implementation, orientation, and training. The VCMS Conversion Software & Migration Service will be available in Summer 2011 to convert VCMS data and operations to the current Sentinel GIS software platform.   You do not have to wait for the Next Generation software. More detailed descriptions and prices for VCMS Conversion Software & Migration Services will be forthcoming, and updated communication will be released regularly throughout Spring and Summer 2011. Will my Sentinel GIS database look like my VCMS database? The data models match quite closely, but obviously are different, having been developed by different companies at different times in different architectures.  Every attempt will be made to address data conversion needs with the VCMS Conversion Software & Migration Services.  Standard VCMS users with standard VCMS data models should be able to convert their data in a consistent way.  What if my Sentinel GIS database needs to work with other business systems? The Sentinel GIS data model is documented and that documentation is available from Electronic Data Solutions support.  Because Sentinel GIS supports standard Esri geodatabases (and soon this will include Esri SDE), data can be accessed by other systems.  So, users may be able to integrate Sentinel GIS data in their business workflows on their own. On the other hand, this might be approached as a custom VCMS Conversion & Migration Services project.  Can I continue using VCMS if I am happy with it? Of course.  VCMS software will continue to be available and supported for several more years.  This gives current users time to consider other options for the future while continuing to maintain operations using a system that they are familiar with and possibly quite satisfied with.
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