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Installing one copy of Terrasync on two devices
Terrasync licenses:
The installation code that you receive will only activate on ONE device. Typically you will be installing Terrasync on a handheld GPS unit to collect data. However, you will also need to install Terrasync on your desktop PC if you want to be able to use the “Preview” function in GPS Pathfinder Office.
Installation: 1. Install and activate Terrasync on your handheld GPS unit. 2. Install Terrasync on your desktop PC using the SAME installation code or just leave it blank.     When the activation wizard pops up to activate Terrasync, close the activation wizard.     Terrasync will run in the preview mode within the data dictionary editor utility in Pathfinder     Office. Terrasync will only run from within “preview” in Pathfinder Office. If you want to be     able to collect GPSdata on the laptop or desktop PC, you will need to purchase a seperate license.
NOTE: Do NOT activate Terrasync on your PC with the installation code purchased for your handheld installation. If you accidentally activate it to your PC , you will need to contact your dealer to have it deactivated so that you can activate it to your handheld.